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Caldera Aftershock

Marimba solo w/ electronics

Caldera Aftershock was written for my good friend Jarrett Defields.

The piece is strongly inspired by pop and rock music so we have the common verse chorus type form. The piece goes through a lot common time, double time and half time feels throughout so it keeps the listening fun and the groove going!

The name comes from two natural occurrences on earth. A caldera is a large volcanic crater and an aftershock is an earthquake.

Instruments: Requires a 5.0 octave marimba

Tech needs (all optional except for the

speakers which play the backing track): 

Speakers, headphones,

headphone splitter, computer or

another mp3 device

Price: $15.00

You will be emailed a PDF of sheet music and mp3 file with 24 hours of purchase

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