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Darklight Sky is a programmatic piece that tells the tale of my percussion friends and me during the Fall of 2014. We had a teacher that was very unhealthy for all of us. Times were very dark, and none of us enjoyed lessons or percussion ensemble. We finally decided to take action and remove that teacher from their position. Things were terrible, but when we started to gain courage and take action, things started to look up. It took longer than we hoped, but we finally came out triumphant. The music in Darklight Sky tells the story.

Darklight Sky was  commissioned by

Bill Hill - Band Director at Notre Dame Academy High School, and was premiered by Notre Dame Academy high school on

May 21, 2016

Darklight Sky

Price: $70.00

You will be emailed PDF's of all parts within 24 hours of purchase 

Artwork by Lillibeth Liriano

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