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Electrified Rosewood

Marimba solo w/ electronics

Electrified Rosewood is a piece that is influenced by pop music and takes classical marimba elements and combines them with electronics. It follows a strophic form, and because there are no lyrics the melody varies slightly between each "verse." It is adrenaline filled and keeps the energy high throughout the entire piece!

Electrified Rosewood was premiered by Lukas Hale and myself 

on April 23, 2016

Instruments: Requires a 5.0 octave marimba

Tech needs (all optional except for the speakers which play the backing track): 

Speakers, headphones, headphone splitter, computer or another mp3 device

Price: $15.00

You will be emailed PDF's of all parts and mp3 file with 24 hours of purchase

Audio Recorded by Matt Clark

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