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Evolutionary Road Percussion Sextet

Instruments: Vibraphone

4.3 Octave Marimba

5.0 Octave marimba (shared w/ 2 players)

2 Octave Crotales, Congas, Tambourine

Bongos, Bass Drum, Sus. Cymbal

Evolutionary Road was written for players Andrew, Angela, Annaliese, Caroline, Cody, and Noelle of the 2016-2017 UWM Youth Wind Ensembles. The piece starts out with music that I composed my freshman year in college. All was well and I was excited about starting the new chapter of my life. As the piece progresses it gradually speeds up and the beautiful hopeful melody from the beginning eventually turns into one of frustration, which represents events that I have faced while in my senior year of college. Time to start somewhere new! The texture becomes very dense during this section with all four mallet players wielding 4 mallets. The music represents how one can evolve over a period of time.

Evolutionary Road was premiered by members of the UWAY Percussion Ensemble on April 30, 2017

Price $25.00
You will be emailed PDFs of all parts within 24 hours of purchase
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