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Fountain of Dreams, Gourmet Race, whatever you want to call this piece, has many different iterations, but I think we can agree that the orchestral arrangement that Super Smash Bros. Melee gave us is the definitive version of this piece (although the rock arrangement in Brawl was also pretty awesome). This arrangement was completed and recorded during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Many musicians lost a lot of work, myself included, so I decided to collaborate with some other friends of mine so that we could stay busy during these trying times.

Fountain of Dreams is arranged for 2 flutes, alto sax and marimba. The first half of the piece is arranged in a waltz format while the second half is the Fountain of Dreams that fans can recognize.

Thank you to my wonderful friends who helped me bring this arrangement to life!

Flute - Sean Worcester

Flute - Maggie Obst 

Alto Sax - Will Obst

Marimba - Matt Silverberg

You can check out Maggie on Instagram @magglove101 or her YouTube channel


For more info and any questions on sheet music please contact me using the contact tab above!

You will be emailed PDF files within 24 hours of purchase Jun Ishikawa

Price: $20.00

Instruments: 2 Flutes

                     Alto Sax

                     5.0 Octave Marimba

You can always perform this with any combination of instruments if you like!

Gourmet Race/Fountain of Dreams originally composed by Jun Ishikawa
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