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Luigi's Mansion is the original Nintendo horror game!.....Okay, so it isn't exactly a horror game by any means, but the music definitely gives off haunted mansion vibes and is perfect for halloween or trying to scare your friends. 

This arrangement utilizes extended techniques on the violin, such as false harmonics and col legno and uses chop sticks on the pan to add to the haunted factor of the original music. 

Welcome to (y)our mansion...

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Aja Majkrzak for collaborating with me on this arrangement!

Follow Aja on Instagram @violiningaja

head over to her website and check out her YouTube channel here.

For more info and any questions on sheet music please contact me using the contact tab above!

You will be emailed PDF files within 24 hours of purchase

Price: $15.00

Instruments: Lead Pan


Luigi's Mansion soundtrack originally composed by Kazumi Totaka and Shinobu Tanaka
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