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Metroid is my favorite game series and with the recent release of Metroid Dread, the franchise seems stronger than ever. The music in Metroid has always been a combination of ambient, atmospheric, creepy, and beautiful. This halloween season I decided to arrange some of the more hauntingly beautiful Metroid pieces and some of my favorites in the series. Thanks to Aja and Dustin for helping me out on this recording!

Violin - Aja Majkrzak
Guitar - Dustin Skenandore

Aja's Instagram and YouTube

Dustin's YouTube


Price: $20.00

You will be emailed PDF files within 24 hours of purchase

Instruments: 5.0 octave marimba, vibraphone, guitar, violin 

Music in the Metroid series used in this arrangement originally composed by

Kenji Yamamoto, Soshi Abe, Sayako Doi, Minako Hamano, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Akira Fujiwara

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