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Pokémon Legends Arceus was everything that I had hoped for, and I am so excited to see the direction that Pokémon is moving. The music in Legends Arceus was really good, so naturally I had to arrange something from it. When I got to the Volo battle and heard the approaching Cynthia music from Diamond/Pearl I knew that I had to cover it. I never thought that the original theme in DP fit Cynthia at all, but it fits Volo very well and the new arrangement in Legends Arceus is super good. This marimba arrangement is a little different as I can't play quite as fast as a piano nor am I a full orchestra, but I think this theme lends itself very well to the marimba and has a different feel.

For more info and any questions on sheet music please contact me using the contact tab above!

Price: $15.00

You will be emailed a PDF file within 24 hours of purchase

Instruments: 5.0 Marimba

"Pokémon Wielder Volo Battle" originally composed by Go Ichinose, Hitomi Sato, and Hiromitsu Maeba
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