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Snow Cloaked Aurora

Percussion Trio

Snow Cloaked Aurora was inspired by the FlyOver America ride at the Mall of America. While in line with my sister a really cool image appeared of the aurora borealis over some glaciers. That is the inspiration behind this piece. Something cool, mystical and beautiful. Snow Cloaked Aurora was premiered by Jack Donovan, Jarod Bendele and myself on April 16, 2018


Percussion 1 - Vibraphone, Cajon

Percussion 2 - Wind Chimes, Glock, 32" Timpano w/ Crotale low octave C# (shared w/ perc/ 3)​, Shaker, Kick Drum, 2 Triangles,

Sus. Cymbal (shared w/ perc. 3), China Cymbal, Bamboo Wind Chimes

Percussion 3 - Marimba, 32" Timpano w/ Crotale low octave C# (shared w/ perc/ 2), Sus. Cymbal (shared w/ perc. 2), Bass Drum

Price: $20.00

You will be emailed PDF's of all parts within 24 hours of payment.

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