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Solar Wind

Steel Pan solo w/ electronics

Solar Wind is a piece for Steel Pan and electronics. The sun produces solar wind and with that comes charged particles and magnetic clouds towards the earth. The earth's magnetic field protects us from these harmful particles, and due to that protective field we are able to see the beautiful aurora borealis. Much like events in our life, we go through tough times that feel destructive but with the protective layer of great friends and family beauty shines through. I also composed this on a little Jumbie Jam Steel Pan and wanted to show that even on a cute little beginners instrument you can still write some cool music! Due to the this the melody consists of only the 8 notes in a G major scale.

Solar Wind was premiered by me on April 22, 2017

Price: $15.00
You will be emailed PDFs of all parts and mp3 file within 24 hours of purchase

Instruments: Steel Pan (G diatonic)

Tech needs (all optional except for the speakers which play the backing track): 

Speakers, headphones, headphone splitter, computer or another mp3 device

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