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Stone Tower Temple comes from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This arrangements is for solo Steel Pan and electronics. Even though the theme from Stone Tower Temple is the feature, this arrangement can also be thought of as a medley as it contains a small hand full of themes from the game. The arrangement was written for a Jumbie Jam steel pan which only contains the 8 notes in a G major scale. Because of that this arrangement is very accessible to beginners and young players. 

My good friend Dustin was awesome enough to lend his guitar talents to this piece! Check out his stuff here:


For more info please contact me using the contact tab above!

Price: $15.00

You will be emailed a PDF and mp3 file within 24 hours of purchase

Instruments: Requires a pan that can play a G major scale

Tech needs (all optional except for the speakers which play the backing track): 

Speakers, headphones, headphone splitter, computer or another mp3 device

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