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The Balance Within

for Percussion Ensemble

A lot of us go through stress and anxiety. This piece demonstrates the struggle letting our happiness outweigh our anxiousness. 

It also demonstrates the good and bad that we go though as people and how we have an inner conflict with ourselves and how we have to balance out the good and bad.

Thank you to Dr. Adam Rappel for giving me the opportunity to compose this piece!

The Balance Within was premiered by the UMN Percussion Ensemble on April 4, 2019


4.3 octave marimba (shared with two players)

5.0 octave marimba (shared with two players)

2 Vibraphones


Percussion 1: Large Sus. Cymbal shared w/ Perc. 2,

Break Drum, Ribbon Crasher, High Bongo, Chimes 

Percussion 2: Snare Drum, Lion's Roar,

Tam-Tam shared w/ Perc. 5,

3 Sus. Cymbals (large cymbal shared w/ Perc. 1)

Percussion 3: Hi-Hat, Tambourine, Glock

Percussion 4: Pitched Gongs E4, Bb4, C5, C#5
Wind Chimes, Shaker, Crotales, Doumbek  

Percussion 5: Vibraslap, Bass Drum,
Tam-Tam shared w. Perc. 2, Temple Blocks

Price: $40.00

You will be emailed PDF's of all parts within 24 hours of payment

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