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Then Have I Reason To Be Fond of Grief

Music by Matt Silverberg
Lyrics by Carolyn Silverberg and William Shakespeare.


Losing a loved one is difficult. Combining the words of William Shakespeare with those of Carolyn Silverberg expresses how one can deal with grief.

Our father passed away in May of 2017. It is still difficult on all of us. This song was written for our mother.

The marimba can be substituted for any instrument or combination of instruments. Let me know if you would like to change the instrumentation.


An instrumental chamber version is also possible and has been done with this piece. It is welcome to be rearranged for any instrument combination.


Additional Instrumentation with the marimba and vocals is also possible with this piece.

Price: $15.00
The recording may be purchased for an additional fee if requested
Instrumentation: Voice,
4.3 Octave Marimba (Can be substituted if requested)
Additional Instrumentation can be added as well

Matt Silverberg - Marimba

Carolyn Silverberg - Vocals

Marimba - Matt Silverberg

Trumpet - Judy Gaunt

Horn - Annie Ross

Trombone - Ross Shone

Vocals- Katherine True

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