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The big bag space dragon's Ridley! The Metroid series is my favorite game franchise and Ridley is one of my all-time favorite villains. His theme is so iconic and crazy and has been remixed a lot but there hasn't been a marimba version. I decided to change that! This arrangment for solo marimba and electronic accompaniment utilizes both four and two mallets and is an adrenaline filled ride! It is playable on a 4.3 instrument as some low G and Ab can be omitted.

For more info and any questions on sheet music please contact me using the contact tab above!

You will be emailed a PDF and mp3 file within 24 hours of purchase

Price: $15.00

Instruments: Playable on a 4.3 octave marimba (some low G and Ab need to be omitted)

Tech needs (all optional except for the speakers which play the backing track): 

Speakers, headphones, headphone splitter, computer or another mp3 device

"Vs. Ridley" originally composed by Minako Hamano
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