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The title is a play on these last names: Palmquist and Silverberg. It is meant to showcase our roots: the warmth of the Arizona sun and the cold Wisconsin winters. The harp and marimba have very independent parts and when they do play “together” their rhythms are just slightly different from each other. They only play in unison 4 measures of the entire piece. It is filled to the brim with 7th chords and utilizes some extended techniques on both the harp and marimba which are frequently used in conjunction with each other. The harp uses harmonics while the marimba hits the bars with the shaft of the mallet. It is primarily in 5/4 time and centers around the keys of C# minor and its relative major of E. 

Warm Palms in the Silver Winter was premiered by Hannah Palmquist and myself on June 14, 2019

Warm Palms in

the Silver Winter

Price: $25.00

You will be emailed PDF's of all parts within 24 hours of payment



5 Octave Marimba

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